Puerto Rico Se Levanta – Puerto Rico stands up

Puerto Rico Se Levanta – Puerto Rico stands up

Dear Friends and Coworkers:

Last week you asked me about my family in Puerto Rico and how to help. After five days, yesterday, they were able to make a phone call. They are fine!!! The majority don’t have power, water, and telecommunication. They are cleaning and rebuilding their communities. My brother reopens the café ‘El Melao’ in downtown Ponce serving sandwiches and coffee.

Hurricane María has been the stronger Hurricane since 1932. The infrastructure of power and communication collapsed. The main highway that connects Ponce (from San Juan) is closed. Thousands of families lost their home, and some died. Flora and fauna lost thousands of trees. I don’t know the impact on the entire ecosystem. It is going to take time and smart investment to recover. As you know, a donation is always a way to help. I made my donation at https://www.youcaring.com/victimsofhurricanemariainpuertorico-956371

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